Cutting Services

  • Computerized erber Paragon Die-Less Cutting System
  • High Speed Steel Rule Die Cutting
  • Vertical Table Knives
  • Automated Webbing and Velcro Cutting System

High Speed CNC Cutting

Sutherland Sewing has added a high tech computerized CNC cutting system – we can turn your ideas/drawing files in to cut out designs.  This is a super versatile die-less cutting system, and is extremely accurate and capable of producing the highest quality cut parts. This system utilizes a sophisticated nesting software, which optimizes material yield, saving both money and time. The cutting surface is a high tech bristle-belt conveyor system, allowing us to cut panels up to 72″ wide by an unlimited length. This is ideal for wall panels, hanging architectural panels, and other custom cut designs.

Sutherland Sewing has a variety of cutting methods to ensure that your product meets your specifications. We can work with your prints/designs in a variety of formats (ie – computer file, sample, or sketch).

Automated hydraulic cutting presses along with steel rule dies allow us to efficiently convert raw materials into perfectly shaped and sized components for sewing assembly. Vertical table cutting knives are also used as a means of providing the sewing team with less complex patterns.

Our computerized strap cutting machine singes the webbing’s edge as it cuts into its programmed length. This high-tech equipment also has the ability to cut, hook, and loop to perfect dimensions.