Industrial Sewing

  • Short production runs to high volume jobs
  • Huge selection of sewing equipment
  • Fast turnaround
  • 50+ years of sewing expertise and knowledge
  • Ability to sew and convert a wide range of materials

Whether you’re a large company sourcing high volume production or an entrepreneur seeking a sewing source to help you launch your product, Sutherland Sewing is eager to discuss the possibility of servicing your cut and sew needs.

With a large array of diversified sewing equipment, our experienced sewing staff has the ability to manufacture products neatly, consistently and efficiently.

From fabrics, vinyl, felt and nylon to webbing, plastic, foam and leather, Sutherland Sewing can construct your product utilizing one of the many strait stitch, zig-zag, surger (overcast), binder, double needle or automated stitch pattern machines that are on our production floor.

**Please note – Sutherland Sewing does not produce or sew any garment, upholstery, shoes, or clothing items.**

Check out to look for a garment/upholstery contractor.